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Mom Survivor of Child Abuse Are You Ready To Get Over Your Fear of Parenting?

This FREE 6-day challenge will release  you from the notion that because you had less than an ideal childhood that you aren't capable of being a great mom

Imagine how it would feel

if you could identify the fears and triggers that were making you feel unworthy or unprepared at parenting, you'd be able to:

  • Manage your emotions differently so that you can parent from a place of love (your kids will thank you 😉)
  • Tune out all the negative self-talk and replace it with positive words and actions
  • Put the right types of resources in place internally and externally so you don't constantly feel stressed
  • Interact with your children all while feeling present and easy
  • Release and forgive people of the past who didn't show up for you the way they were supposed to.

Hi, I'm Alisa

I work with resilient mom survivors of child abuse who want to break free from their past and choose a happy and healthy life that leaves them feeling whole and complete. Together we dig deep to tap into their internal and external resources, we reprogram the way they think and we create new creative strategies that are a natural fit for them, not only on their healing journey but other areas of their lives as well.

For the last 10 years, I have immersed myself in personal development and trauma recovery, what started out as a way to be better connected to myself and let go of baggage that was weighing heavy on every decision I made, turned into a healing point for me to help other women, more specifically mothers who have so much going on, but have decided that healing and happiness is a priority.

Together we'll get you one step closer to the life you desire, we'll identify things in your past that are spilling into your present as well as ways you can connect better with your children.




DAY 1: Identifying triggers


DAY 2: Managing Fears


DAY 3: Self Care 


DAY 4: Write your child's love story


DAY 5: Parenting safely and effectively


DAY 6: Happily Healed Mom Manifesto


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Workbooks Galore

Each day comes with a new workbook so that you can work through what you are learning which will help you better take action.

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